Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Breaks Out Neon

Weather has been a bit gloomy in NYC, but I was pleased to enjoy the change of scenery these past few days. When you work hard, you deserve a little "break" right? I have maintained my Senegalese braids for a few weeks and decided to style it into a creative braided bun I call, "Johnny Bravo". I wanted my hair in an updo style  to show the detail of my striped nude blouse with a strip of pink neon. My lipstick is Macs Candy Yum Yum. My neon coral wooden wedges complimented the outfit. The shoe really are quite bright in person!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daily Fashion Project

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday :-). I woke up to being featured as the latest fashion illustration (152)on All you have to is send in a stylish picture for a chance to be featured. Their website displays various fashionable drawings of men, but I was pleased to see that some women have been chosen as well :-). I will quote my statement that was featured from their website.Thank You Daily Fashion Project For The Feature. Back To The Books! Have a Blessed Week!

'As a young woman, I feel it's important that a dress should be tight enough to show your curves but loose enough to show you're still a lady. Fashion is more then being creative, it's a daily lifestyle that displays our personality and character. I always feel it's important for ladies to conduct themselves with class. My mood, my behavior and personality contribute to the level of class I display in what I wear. Fashion is meant to be creative, not competitive. Wear what you want, display how you feel, and live to inspire :-).'' - Barbara A.Adjei

Friday, March 21, 2014

Because I'm Happy :-)

Pharrels Song Perfectly Describes My Mood Simply Because....S-P-R-I-N-G Is Here! I Looking Forward To Bringing The Bold And Beautiful Colors In My Wardrobe That Have Been Catching Dust. Haha. Spring Cleaning Is Also Heavily In Order. I Have To Organize Different Outfits Appropriate For The Upcoming Weather Change. I Also Would Like To Incorporate More Staple Pieces Into My Closet.Fashion Displays Your Creativity,So Get Creative,Feel Inspired, and Have Fun! Enjoy Your Weekend :-).

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fall Back.Spring Forward

I Deserve a 6 month vacation Twice a Year! Whose With Me?! Haha. Spring Is Fast Approaching and I'm Sure We All Would Love A Little Change In Scenery. I Love Prints And Feel More Comfortable Wearing Them Without Feeling As If I'm Doing "Too Much". Keep The Pattern Or A Certain Color Coordinated And You're Ready To Step Out On The Scene. Have a Fabulous and Productive Week Beauties :-).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


New Year.Same Me.
School Has Me on Hiatus,But I'll Try To Keep Up As Best As I Can. Life Has Taught Me So Much About Myself And I'm Still Continuing To Learn. School Is Your Experience. Education Is Life. You Live and You Learn.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ankara Chic

I love African Prints and finally Was Able To Wear My Skirt ,Celebrating Ms.Doctor Aka My Sisters Birthday! So Busy At NYU, Glad She Was Able To Celebrate Her Special Day With Friends and Family. My Skirt Was Made In Ghana And The Designs Are So Intricate. I Paired It With a Coral Crop Top  And Accessorized With a Gem Necklace To Compliment The Pattern Of My Skirt. Each Design Sewn Is Made From Different Material.This Can Be Worn On The Waist Or As a High Waist. I Can Pretty Much Wear Any Colored Top Which Really Brings Out The Diversity Of This Skirt. I'll Be Sure To Post More Ankara And Other African Printed Designs. The Beauty of Bringing Designs To Life Truly Displays The Creativity Of Your Vision.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My SuperPower

Come On Ladies. Admit It. Every Woman's SuperPower Is S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! A Smart Shopper Is The Best Shopper. I Buy What I like, But I think It's Very Important To Know That You Do Not Have To Spend A Million Bucks In Order To Look Like a Million Bucks. When You Have a Sense Of Style,A Price Tag Doesn't Mean Anything. I am Able to Look At Many Women and Men's  Outfits and Automatically Know Where It's From or Where They Shop.I Don't Know If That's Because I Love Fashion,But My Family and Friends Think It's Pretty Interesting.With Fashion Being So Diverse,I Think It's Pretty Fun and Many People Often Ask My Advice On Where To Shop. Do You Share My Superpower?Have a Good Evening Dolls